• How to boost your dogs confidence

    As humans, we are no strangers to confidence issues. What is less familiar is the animal expression of the problem. Indeed, many pets suffer from lack of courage, but owners don’t always know how to address them. The nature of confidence issues in dogs is diverse. Causes can range from severe trauma, like an abusive past, to more subtle sources, like environmental cues. Dogs also express their lack of confidence in myriad ways, from shyness to physical submission in facing a threat.

  • Do dogs have empathy?

    The most adorable video to have graced the internet in a long time demonstrates once again how awesome dogs are. It shows a remorseful puppy, after taking one of his infant owner’s precious possessions, showering a crying baby with mounds of her favorite toys. The pup’s desire for atonement illustrates his high level of attunement with his human family.

  • How cats can help explain Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

    Darwin’s theory of evolution explains how organisms evolve-- from simple and unsophisticated, to more elaborate and robust beings. This theory essentially centers on adaptiveness from a genetic perspective. It is the most widely accepted interpretation for the genesis of our species and provides interesting arguments for why living creatures do what they do.

  • Six ways to assess a dog's personality

    Ever wonder what distinguishes a particular dog's behavior from another's? What makes it so stubborn compared to a friend's docile pet? Or why a certain canine friend has been so whimsical lately, one day affectionate but aloof and defensive the next? It turns out that several factors determine a dog's personality, a subset of observable behavior.

  • Four ways dogs enhance self-esteem

    They're playful, loving, furry and adorable. What is there not to like about dogs? They provide the best company and provide blissful solace from the human world. Beyond these mood-elevating contributions, they are utilitarian. I am not speaking of the service they provide to the physically impaired or their helpfulness to farmers. The kind of help dogs provide to their owners goes beyond the tangible.

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