• How cats can help explain Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

    Darwin’s theory of evolution explains how organisms evolve-- from simple and unsophisticated, to more elaborate and robust beings. This theory essentially centers on adaptiveness from a genetic perspective. It is the most widely accepted interpretation for the genesis of our species and provides interesting arguments for why living creatures do what they do.

  • Six ways to assess a dog's personality

    Ever wonder what distinguishes a particular dog's behavior from another's? What makes it so stubborn compared to a friend's docile pet? Or why a certain canine friend has been so whimsical lately, one day affectionate but aloof and defensive the next? It turns out that several factors determine a dog's personality, a subset of observable behavior.

  • Three ways your dog can teach you mindfulness

    In this fast-paced, results-oriented society, it has become nearly automatic for us to equate efficacy with chaos. Addressing daily responsibilities can therefore entail days rife with anxiety and pressure. Yet, the biggest pitfall of modern life is not the threat of failure measured by socially prescribed indicators (e.g., professional success.)

  • 4 Cat Stereotypes we need to reevaluate

    In recent news, a Californian cat saved her young owner from a dog attack. Tara Triantafilo, the feline heroine, chased away a substantially larger neighborhood dog that set his predatory sights on Jeremy, her owner. The remarkable rescue was immediately popularized by media across the country. Tara’s swift intervention was awe-inspiring, not only because of the tragedy she prevented but also because she dispels so many stereotypes about her species.

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