Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • 4 Cat Stereotypes we need to reevaluate

    In recent news, a Californian cat saved her young owner from a dog attack. Tara Triantafilo, the feline heroine, chased away a substantially larger neighborhood dog that set his predatory sights on Jeremy, her owner. The remarkable rescue was immediately popularized by media across the country. Tara’s swift intervention was awe-inspiring, not only because of the tragedy she prevented but also because she dispels so many stereotypes about her species.

  • Man's Best Friend

    “Man’s best friend” has been the canine companion’s pseudonym for decades. It is not hard to understand why—dogs are playful, loyal and absolutely adorable friends to have. Yet the breadth of canine companionship’s benefits is overlooked. Beyond contributing fluffy boisterous amusement, dogs also help maintain emotional health.

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